Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lapbooking Vs. Notebooking

Psst!  I ♥ homeschooling! 

I find something new ever single day to love about it. I ♥ teaching, I ♥ school/office supplies, I ♥ making things with my hands... That is why it is so strange that I have 'issues' with "lapbooks". I have never taken much interest in them because the few times I tried I fought and fought with the typical file type folders used to create these works of art. Getting them folded and glued just right never seemed to happen for me. I ruined way more folders than we actually used... Then it dawned on me one day that we can use lapbook elements in 'notebooking' format. We make the elements and glue them onto card stock or construction paper. Three hole punched these pages really enrich our notebooks and achieve the same end! FUN LEARNING!!

When we were working on a unit study about The Oregon Trail & Pioneers...for History and a good portion of our Language Arts studies. I did a bit of Internet research (found the Oregon Trail Education Resource Guide pdf) and purchased the book If You Traveled West In A Covered Wagon (If You.) by Ellen Levine, The lapbooking ebook that goes along with it by A Journey Through Learning, and also History Pockets: Moving West, Grades 4-6+ book by Evan-Moor Educational Publishers. (I sometimes print my ebooks, hard copy books I have the binding cut off of and I three hole punch these and place them in binders for ease of use. ;)

Now, when it comes to the lapbooking portions, we have taken card stock (three hole punched) and used for pages in our subject notebooks... OR I have taken (slightly trimmed) large sheets of construction paper and folded them in half to make four pages. These can then be three hole punched and used also. The lapbook elements are then glued to these pages. (I read the text to the children while they look at my examples I've made up ahead of time and assemble their lapbook elements.) It adds color to the notebook and is pretty cheap and at hand usually. (You may notice I have reinforced my punches...I did this because we don't fill up a page every day and we may come back to these pages frequently. I thought it would make them extra durable.) I'm looking forward to shopping around for stickers and other doo-das to add to our pages and make them even more special and unique.

I recently saw a blog post about History Pockets and immediately went out in search of these cool books. I ended up altering this creation somewhat also. Instead of using folded construction paper to make booklets (as per the instructions) I am using page protectors to glue our covers on and hold our pocket items. It really seems to be working out well, and the kids can more readily see what we have in each pocket. Plus, I think it is cute...and I love (♥!) that it all fits into a 3 ring binder together! All in all we are really enjoying this unit study and I am really looking forward to bringing this learning style into other subjects coming up in our lesson plans soon! 


Erika said...

I love it!!! I recently tried lapbooking and while the concept was fun, it was a bit challenging to get it fitted "just right". The notebooking thing sounds awesome!!! Dropping by from the HHH!

musicalmary said...

I really like this! We do a lot of lapbooking with my little guy and my nine year old is enjoying notebooking right now in a state study of Maine she is working on. I love how you incorporated the both!! Homeschooling is just awesome, isn't it?? I'm glad I found your blog! Stop by and say hi!

musicalmary said...

BTW, how did you get to be part of the Download 'N Go review team? Looks like fun!

thecurryseven said...

Looks great! Don't you love being able to do cool things and call it school? Stopping by from the HHHop.

Traci Best said...

Well... That is a good question. I started reviewing homeschool materials first with The Old Schoolhouse...almost two years ago. I heard they were looking for reviewers and I applied. (They have a new Crew each school year.)

I had previously purchased Amanda Bennett products...and had social connections with her on Facebook and Twitter. I think again I 'heard' that they were taking reviewers (facebook?) and I submitted some of my blog work and was accepted.

Now it is getting to the point that people contact me and ask for independent/individual reviews on products. I've had several people send me private messages on facebook. That I chalk up to 'liking' pages and then I always link to my latest blog posts on facebook and twitter.

You just have to hang yourself out there and keep blogging as best you can...look for opportunities. :D Good Luck!

Heidi said...

Great way to improvise. I get frustrated with lapbooks too!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

We LOVE both lapbooking AND notebooking...or some combination of! Having a notebook of lapbook mini-books is much more convenient for us...and easier to put together!

Jessy - HHH

misfithomeschoolmom said...

Yeah, I see it's 3 years later, but I'm using your stuff now! Thanks so much! We are already using "If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon", and the link to the government site was all I needed! Thanks so much for your help!!!