Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel Learning Lapbook™ with Study Guide

Recently I was given the opportunity to test drive a wonderful learning lapbook by A Journey Through Learning! I received a copy of the Mike Mulligan lapbook in exchange for putting it to work in our homeschool and telling ya'll about it here on my blog. (I just LOVE test driving new homeschool products!)

I started out my review by picking up a copy of this wonderful children's book and then downloading the Maestro Classics album from iTunes. We have formerly used a Maestro Classics product previously so I already had high expectations! Whew! This title did not disappoint! This is a multifaceted gem! Because the study is specifically about the Maestro Classics version of the book you are getting so much more depth to your study! (You must go to iTunes and give it a listen!)

This is not your typical lapbooking product that just has fill in the blank type elements for a cute little story book. (A Journey Through Learning is anything but typical!) When you sit down with the pdf document and look through the lessons you will find a level of thoroughness that is found lacking in most studies. There is reading for each set of elements. You will cover so many subjects with one study!

Steam Shovel
Label the Steam Shovel
First Automobile
Comparing the City to the Country
What is an Exaggeration?
Define Onomatopoeia
History of the Telephone
Describe Mike Mulligan
How Do We Have Day and Night?
The Way Out
What is a Furnace?
About the Author
Elements of the Story
London Philharmonic Orchestra
The Score
History of Jazz
Unusual Instrument
Musical Notes
Musical Notation
What is a Quodlibet?

As you can see here we have elements of Reading, Language Arts, Author Study, Science, History (!) and a broad musical element. Introduction to the concept of an orchestra, musical theory and instruments! WOW! (An introduction to lapbooking is also included if this is your first time working with this type of learning medium!)

The only question then long does it take to complete? Well that depends. That is one of my favorite things about being an eclectic home educator...we can go at our own pace! This study could be accomplished as a one week unit study if you wanted to...since I have self-proclaimed Teaching Attention Deficit Disorder I love to do one week studies! Any longer than that and I get squirrely! However, this product could just as easily be a supplemental study that could be scheduled over an entire month! It is totally up to you. Personally, I love that freedom to choose!

This study is great for a range of age and skill levels also! The book itself is recommended for 3 years and older. There are elements in this study that are perfect for that age range. If you have older learners the more complex elements of the study are going to keep them engaged as well. Perfect if you are teaching multiple grade levels! Whoot! That is a plus!

The pdf instant download of this product is available for $13. (Deal!) I picked up a used copy of Virgina Lee Burton's book at Amazon for just a few dollars. The album can be purchased from the Maestro Classics website, Amazon or from iTunes for $9.99!

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